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Tire Savings Solutions


How to prevent premature tire wear. 

Among the most important points to consider in order to prevent premature tire wear is the proper maintenance of the truck: checking the air pressure and the way the load is distributed in your truck. It's important to check and inspect your truck.

Mechanical deficiencies in alignment and balancing, not to forget suspension and steering, are one of the main reasos why your tires wear out. If you are spending too much on tires, you already know why.

It's crucial to ensure that the wheel bearings, also known as wheel hubs, are in good condition. A worn-out bearing can start to generate excessive friction, resulting in rolling resistance on the wheel where it's located.

To address this issue, we cunduct thorough bearing inspections and offer the highest quality Ferce brand bearings, supported by a lifetime warranty. These bearings can be replaced if necessary. It is essential that new bearings are installed to the proper standards and torque or fit specifications, this is important to avoid both unsafe situations and excessive fits that could lead to rolling resistance. Our focus is to ensure the safety and optimum performance of vehicles.


The Truck Dancer

Here we make your truck dance. 

An indispensable service that allows us to find problems in different components of the cardan bar, suspension and steering, but especiallyt what is related to the last two has much to do with tire wear.

We have an unique equipment that allows us to perform diagnostics dynamically by putting the truck in motion with the confidence that the truck is actually stopped without moving, this allows us to check many components that otherwise would not be possible.

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Tire Saving Services

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