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Exclusive Pre-Sale of Oil Change for 2024!

Save your engine and pockets! Featured Customer of Truck Savers, we recognize your fidelity. Take advantage of this special occasion to ensure 5 oil changes and keep your vehicle in its best condition for the next year.

Key benefits of regular oil change:

  • Engine Lubrication: The appropriate oil lubricates and protects the moving parts of the engine, preventing premature wear.

  • Friction reduction: Reduces friction between parts, improving engine performance and efficiency.

  • Heat Dissipation: Helps dissipate heat, maintaining adequate temperatures and preventing damage.

  • Preventing premature wear: By lubricating and reducing friction, premature wear is prevented, extending the life of the engine.

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Mejor precio/calidad

Preventa Anual de Cambios de Aceite 2024



Ahorra y cuida tu motor con cada cambio de aceite 🚚

Valid for 12 months

El paquete incluye: 5 cambios de aceite en nuestro taller

Membresía gratuita de 450 USD válida para cualquier servicio

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